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We know you probably have questions about your separation or family law matter. Whether you’re dealing with separation, contemplating divorce, or sorting through custody and parenting or property settlement issues, our Advice Centre has some of the answers to your questions to get you started.

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Separation is a challenging time, but the right mindset, a strategic plan, and a supportive network can make all the difference.
It's essential to approach this delicately, providing reassurance and maintaining a united front with your former spouse. This is the first step in the challenge of co-parenting during a separation.
Cairns Family Law Group sheds light on the criteria and recent controversial court decisions affecting de facto couples.
Don't fall for common myths about family law and separation. Every case is unique, and it's crucial to get specialised legal advice.
Legal fees for complex family law matters can add up quickly. Being prepared and informed can save you money.
This article outlines the various time constraints that apply in divorce, property division, and parenting matters. Learn why it's essential to act within these limits.
In this article, we debunk common myths and clarify legal intricacies, from asset division to superannuation splits.
If you own your home jointly with your former partner, you will need to either sell the property or transfer the property into your or your former partner’s name.
In this article we discuss the complexities involved in separating business assets during a divorce.
People are often surprised to learn that superannuation forms part of the property pool available for division upon separation or divorce.
Working out the parenting arrangements for children can be one of the greatest challenges for separated parents.
We are often asked whether men come off second best in a family law property settlement or whether the court favours mothers over fathers when deciding custody matters.

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