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Mediation offers an alternative pathway to resolve disputes without the stress and expense of court proceedings.

Our role is to facilitate a constructive dialogue between all parties involved, focusing on direct communication and collaborative solutions.

Choose mediation with us for a more amicable and cost-effective resolution to your legal matters.

This service is suitable for:

  • Couples seeking an amicable resolution to separation or divorce
  • Parents looking to agree on child custody arrangements
  • Individuals or parties in property and financial disputes

In the realm of family law, mediation serves as a valuable tool for conflict resolution.

We offer a structured environment where each party can speak openly and candidly about their concerns and objectives. Our experienced mediators guide the conversation, helping pinpoint areas of agreement while identifying opportunities for compromise. This paves the way for a more collaborative approach to resolving issues, whether they be related to separation, child custody, or financial matters.

Beyond simply facilitating dialogue, our role in the mediation process is multifaceted. We also handle the logistical and procedural aspects, ensuring that any agreements reached are legally sound and can be formalised into binding arrangements.

Our comprehensive approach to mediation aims to alleviate the emotional and financial burden of legal disputes, offering you a more amicable path toward resolution.

By choosing our mediation service, you’re investing in a conflict resolution process that is focused on mutual respect and understanding.

We provide the framework for constructive dialogue, empowering you to resolve disputes on your own terms.

The end result is a quicker, less adversarial, and more cost-effective solution to your legal challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

We address the common concerns you might have as you navigate the realms of family law. Our aim is to provide clear, straightforward answers to help demystify the legal processes involved. Here are some of the most asked questions in family law in QLD, Australia.

  • How is mediation different from going to court?

    Mediation offers a more collaborative and less adversarial approach than court. It’s a space for you to actively participate in shaping the outcome, ultimately leading to resolutions that are mutually agreeable.

  • Is mediation suitable for complex family disputes?

    Absolutely. Mediation can be highly effective for intricate family matters, providing a structured environment to address complicated issues. We guide you through the process, helping you find practical solutions.

  • What happens if we reach an agreement during mediation?

    Achieving an agreement in mediation is a positive step forward. We help you formalise this agreement into a legally binding document, ensuring it’s in line with Queensland laws and serves your best interests.

  • Can mediation be used for both property and parenting matters?

    Yes, mediation is versatile and can address both property settlements and parenting plans. We provide the expertise to navigate either or both, empowering you to make informed decisions.

  • How confidential is the mediation process?

    Mediation is a confidential setting where what’s discussed remains between the participating parties. We uphold this confidentiality, providing you a secure environment to negotiate and resolve issues.

  • Does an agreement made in mediation have legal standing?

    While the mediation process itself is not legally binding, any resulting agreements can be formalised into a legally binding document. We assist you in this crucial step, ensuring your agreement is both fair and enforceable.

Getting started

A step-by-step guide to resolving your family law problem

Getting started on resolving your family law problem can feel overwhelming, but understanding the process can ease the way. Here’s a straightforward guide to what you can expect from your first appointment with us, designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to take the next steps.

1. Making first contact

Reaching out is the first step towards resolving your family law matter.

You can book an initial appointment with us on our online booking calendar on our website or over the phone. We offer two initial options to get the conversation started: a complimentary 15-minute chat or a comprehensive one-hour consultation for $450, including GST.

Both provide a safe space for us to understand your unique situation.

2. Preparing for your consultation

While it’s natural to feel anxious about your first meeting with a family lawyer, we aim to make the process as smooth as possible. We offer appointments in person either at our Cairns or Innisfail office, or by Telephone or Microsoft Teams appointments.

If your matter is about a property settlement, be prepared to answer questions about what property you currently own and its estimated value and the property that you and your former partner owned at the start of the relationship.

Please ensure you have childcare in place for your children, as we do not allow children to attend appointments.

3. During the initial consultation

The initial consultation is a one-hour session with a family lawyer on our team. We will listen to your story, ask you relevant questions, provide you with preliminary advice about your separation, divorce, parenting and/or property matter and make a plan forward to assist you to resolve your matter.

4. The next step

Following your first consultation, should you choose to engage our services, we’ll provide you with a cost agreement and disclosure notice detailing our legal fees and terms of engagement.

With our expertise by your side, you’ll have the resources and strategies to make confident decisions and progress towards a resolution.

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